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1. Passion for Learning and Sharing

I am fundamentally an idea person. I get excited about new concepts and possibilities. Reading, movies, lectures and conversations are all grist to my mill, and I like to mull over the possibilities connected to these concepts. It was but natural that I gravitated to teaching and training where I get opportunity to learn and to share my learning with likeminded groups and individuals.

I love Vedanta. Vedanta excites me much because it tells me there are no road blocks in life. Rather there are only events to be experienced and situations to be dealt with. At the end of the day you are left with just yourself….. plus the memory of experiences, and these you put behind you to start the new day with a fresh page.

Every new day is filled with rich possibilities and every evening is stock taking time in which you process experiences and carry forward the learning to the next day. Life is a play where you exercise your muscles and mind, building and testing your skills. I enjoy the process of joint exploration of issues in interactive conversations with people. I also listen to emotions behind the words to know how it is or was for the person on the other side of the fence. The process of heads and hearts coming together accounts for great breakthroughs in personal and professional issues.

I also am an out of the box thinker and usually come up with a totally different take on the issue. Sometimes, my contribution is accepted enthusiastically, but many times, the ideas are taken with a pinch of salt. Some of my most enthusiastic ideas have received cold water response, and it is a challenge for me to recreate the same ideas in a new format that is more acceptable and practical for application. This has helped me build new and novel training modules, one of which is an all time favourite in my ITM (Institute of Technology and Management) workshops...... Multiple Quotient – IQ EQ & SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

Working with groups has helped me better understand the principles of interpersonal skills, leadership and motivation. I am usually able to work out a common minimum program that everyone heartily agrees upon and takes positive action. Honest communication and awareness of mutual views, abilities and needs are the basic ingredients of create win-win agreements and synergistic results.

Vedanta presents a sportsmanship like attitude towards results in life…. the purpose of the game is larger than the game and its results. The purpose of the game is to test and raise your performance in a friendly contest, and the process of playing involves speed, strength, strategy, stamina, skill and knowledge of the game. Victory and defeat are only indicative of your purpose and performance, and serves only as a means rather than the end. These concepts form the backbone of my motivational and stress management programs for individuals and corporations.

Yes, my passion to learn and share grows by the day and the results motivate me go the extra mile. I have discovered many capabilities in the process of this sharing and not the least is the confidence that I can tune in to myself to find better answers. It has also helped me polish my organizational skills, and this I have put to good use in launching my training organization and running an NGO (Non Governmental Organizations). I have put my thoughts into writing and have many articles and an e-book to my credit.

The enthusiasm and motivation is sustaining because I see it matching my core values of personal empowerment, integrity and contribution. Even disappointing results on occasions fueled my motivation to polish my skills and competence just that little more.

2. Decision

Throughout my life I had powerful role models whom I could learn from and set up base for myself. At any point in life, I had access to a mentor and teacher, and also the support of my co-learners and well wishers. In both good times and difficult ones, I could be assured of moral and practical support from people in my social and professional networks. Since I started early, I had no trouble switching and took to my teaching and training like duck to water.

3. Period of Involvement

I have been consciously exploring my interests since my graduation days. I have been actually working on teaching and training for over 30 years now.

4. Rewards

This has been a wonderful journey for me. I still continue to maintain friendships with colleagues and program participants over the years.

I have a great network of social and professional friends and enjoy a high level of trust and goodwill. It has helped me build my training organization and organize my NGO activities in and around Mumbai.

Financially, results have been steady and encouraging to the point that I am able to significantly contribute towards the Trust activities.

I have a large group of like minded persons steeped into emotional and spiritual growth who meet frequently and enjoy a lot of sharing and caring.

I constantly enjoy a sense of fulfillment that comes from serving a purpose... being a trustee of the resources that belong to the universe, and putting them into productive use without damage to the environment.

I have been learning and sharing Vedanta insights for 30 years. I have also been learning and sharing life lessons - my own and others, and these includes the wonders of quantum physics, technology, life sciences, science fiction, and biographies. I enjoy the adventure of mixing topics to make them come alive. Yesterday was earth day and I converted my talk into a conversation with the group on how earth is like air, fire, water, sun, moon, and stars. The idea was to see how we can understand the earth and interact with it in a better and fulfilling way. For this we need to learn its non verbal communication. The session ended with an earth visualization where the earth speaks to us of its needs, fears, hopes and loves, and the experience was soul stirring in the least. 

I believe I can do much more than what I am doing right now..... there is ample scope for improvement. Hence I believe the fulfillment stage is still ahead of me with brighter days to come.

5. Insights

zz**  Life is not a race to be run but a journey to be experienced.
zz**  Success comes through awareness, planning, and consistent efforts.
*      * Most misunderstandings are a result of poor communication and mistaken assumptions. It is better to communicate than to argue.
*      *     I may be right and wrong at the same time. So every situation is a chance for learning and growing.
*      *   Give Trust to get Trust. Give understanding to get understanding. Show respect to earn respect.
*      *   Material gains may soon be forgotten, but love, gratitude, trust, and friendships are more lasting.
*      *   Excellence does not lie in competition but in contribution.
*      *  Surpetition is the condition when you go beyond competition and explore virgin territory… be there before others. There is very little competition at the summit. (*Note: Surpetition is a word coined by Edward D'bono which means surpassing competition. Graphically the word is written as sur/petition which means that you think laterally and differently from others so that you have no competitors and you only have yourself to compete with. )
*      *   Give time to the important things in your life.
*      *  Spare time is meant for contemplation and leisure, not for worry and regrets.

6. Success

Success is doing what you love and enjoying what you do. Success lies in finding a specific need and filling in the gap with your contribution based on a matching talent that is your forte. 

Professional pride comes in terms of raising your potential to the level where you becomes a precious resource to the community. Success is when you are a net contributor to society than a net consumer and you become a valued member of the world community. And the world will feel honoured to help you fulfill your personal needs without you having to ask.

The sense of belonging, empowerment, and thrill of making the world a better place to live is greater than words can tell. People may not remember what you achieved or what you build. But they will certainly remember how you made them feel. And if you have helped them feel loveable, capable, and actionable, therein lies your true taste of success.

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