Workshops and Training Calendar 2011

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My blog for musings on training, learning, and networking. The blog also includes announcements about ongoing and future Mindflex programs for soft skills and related training.

Spiritual Growth: Serenity Interactive
These pages are a culmination of many discussions between group members of SerenityCourageWisdom, a yahoogroup of like-minded persons intent on personal and spiritual growth. I know many of the members personally through my Vedanta sessions and personal growth programs.

An NGO I am associated with as a Trustee and launched in 1994 with the help of motivated students of my Vedanta Satsang Classes. The purpose is to be socially aware and relevant to the needs and problems of individuals and communities. Workshops are conducted with an emphasis on Education and Social Issues, Health, Personal Growth and Spirituality.

An green initiative of the Vidya Vaaridhi Trust, Urban Leaves is active in the area of city farming and terrace gardens in and around Mumbai. We have brought out a booklet on how to start your own city farm, and we conduct workshops on Natueco City Farming. Soil Building (Amrit Mitti), Root Treatment and Canopy Management are among the important topics highlighted in these workshops.

Vedanta: Vedanta Satsang
A site for studying original Sanskrit texts with English translation. A good exercise for me to rethink about and re-translate the classic Vedanta texts like Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Brahma Sutras, and Prakaranas. Discussion on the topics and ideas are welcome.