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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Lifetime dedicated to Devotional Music - Happy 81

Smt. Susheela Acharya, a long-time, senior member of BSKBA is known for her dedicated  musical contribution to Gokul and other associations of Kannadigas. Her self-written and tuned compositions are enough to keep one learning them for years together. About 70 such compositions have been compiled into 2 sets of CDs - one with Namavalis, and bhajans in Hindi and the other, with only Kannada devotional songs. 

A set of 7 CDs, mainly sung by daughter, Pramodini Rao and grand-daughter, Ujwala Acharya, was  released by Swami Tejomayananda at a function on 5th June, 2011 at Chinmaya Vibhooti, the Vision Centre of the Chinmaya Mission, at Kolwan, near Paud (Dist. Pune). 

This project was an contribution by students who have directly learnt from her, at offering back some flowers from where they have been plucked! The project saw its fulfillment due to the encouragement and blessings of Swami Tejomayananda, the Global Head of Chinmaya Mission, who, along with other well-wishers, have contributed their mite towards bringing out this collection of original compositions in praise of the Lord.

This is an occasion of pride and joy for all Kannadigas, Mission Members, and other well wishers who have had the privilege of interacting directly with Smt. Susheela Acharya over the years.


Sadhana Shikhara Gaurava Puraskaara 
awarded to Dr. Kulkarni, Susheela Acharya, M N Suvarna 

A Report in Udayavani Mumbai (Kannada) 26th Feb 2011

The Karnataka Sangha Mumbai's annual Sadhana Shikhara Gaurava Puraskaara has been bestowed on senior literary laureate Dr G V Suvanra, Susheela Acharya and Guru M N Suvarna.

Smt. Susheela Acharya

Hailing from a small town called Karkala in South Kanara, Smt. Susheela Acharya’s talents could not be hidden right from childhood. She was active in both school plays as well as in singing sessions. Her talent, common to most of her 5 siblings, was nurtured by her father, who would invite even street singers to sing and teach the children a few songs, in return for a full-fledged meal or even an occasional shirt!

After marriage to Shri S V Acharya, she moved to Mumbai and continued to take part in many amateur plays in Kannada, mostly under the direction of Shri S R Suvarna or late Shri K J Rao, along with her husband. These included hits like Dharma Duranta, Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara, Raadheya, and Tottilu Toogida Kai.

Her favourite instrument was the harmonium on which she has accompanied many well known singers and haridasaru over the years. With her vast knowledge of classical Hindustani music, she excelled in directing musical orchestras and group singing. Her large circle of family members and friends formed her core team for desha bhakti and light music. She has directed many delightful musicals for Mysore Association, and was actively involved in the musical events of BSKBA (Gokul). She has also been invited by Chembur Karnataka Sangha on many occasions for providing such musical feasts.

She was eagerly courted by the Chinmaya Mission for her musical talent, and in this involvement she found her fulfilment. She regularly taught devotional music to the young and old. She took to composing tunes to poems, and also penning new lyrics. She directed several audio-visual musical programs under the auspices of Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, with guidance from Swami Chinmayanandaji.

She has inspired her 4 children and 4 grand children to keep her tradition of singing alive and well. Even today at age 80, she readily complies with requests to compose songs for special occasions, and can be relied to come up with brilliant composition within 24 hours. That is the level of her devotion to the art and to God!

She has been honoured by many institutions in Mumbai and the Karnataka Sangha Mumbai award is evidence of the high esteem she is held in by the people of Mumbai.



A distant mellifluous flute….
A rhythm that chimes in our hearts…
A beam of sun that reflects pure…
A silence that allures 

A tune you can’t stop humming over again…
A soft gush from the river and rain…
A spoken word that spellbinds…
A loving gaze that feels like an embrace…
A walk, a presence that invokes reverence ….
In my heart, in every musical space I explore…
Amma, I seek your silent grace, I seek your silent grace …..

Dr. Subha Giridharagopal

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